Welcome to Fit Bella Vei, where training with us will lead you to a healthier and fit lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, learn better eating habits, improve mobility, etc., working out with Fit Bella Vei is where it’s at. Pro trainer Carmen James, wants you to live the best life possible and will commit to supporting you in your mind, body, and spirit transformation. Make the decision today to start living a life of purpose, boldly, and unashamed, and join Fit Bella Vei today!


Pro trainer, Carmen James, wants you to live the best life possible and will commit to supporting you in a mind, body, and spirit transformation




With Carmen as your guide, you'll experience unmatched motivation and transformation. She knows the importance of staying motivated for lasting results, providing unwavering support and contagious enthusiasm every step of the way.


Consistency is key when training with Carmen. With her guidance, you'll develop a routine that fuels progress and success. By showing up consistently, you'll experience transformative results, building strength and confidence day by day.


Hiring Carmen means gaining a committed, humble trainer who prioritizes your lasting results. She listens to your goals, customizes training sessions, and helps you establish sustainable habits. Carmen's dedication and compassion make her an invaluable partner on your fitness journey.


The supportive and inclusive atmosphere at Fit Bella Vei ensures clients feel comfortable and fosters the self-assurance needed to pursue your fitness journey with determination and enthusiasm. When you train with Carmen, your ability grows with each session, motivating you to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Avoid Injury

Carmen's personalized training programs prioritize safety through proper warm-up routines, stretching, and a gradual progression of exercises tailored to individual fitness levels. Additionally, she emphasizes correct form and technique during workouts, ensuring clients maintain proper posture and alignment to reduce the risk of injury.

Sport-specific Training

When training at Fit Bella Vei, Carmen uses her expertise to design specialized workouts catering to the unique demands of various sports. Whether it's improving agility for soccer, enhancing strength for weightlifting, or boosting endurance for running, her tailored programs incorporate sport-specific drills, exercises, and conditioning routines. With persistence and time, you will reach your optimum performance levels.

Training With Medical Conditions

Carmen follows a personalized and careful method by collaborating closely with her clients to comprehend their medical backgrounds and any limitations. She develops exclusive workout routines that cater to the particular condition and strives to enhance overall health, focusing on improving strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while prioritizing safety.

Aging Gracefully

Training with Fit Bella Vei offers a transformative pathway to aging gracefully. Carmen's comprehensive approach to fitness addresses not only physical strength but also flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.


The atmosphere at Fit Bella Vei is an exhilarating experience because it's the clients that make fitness genuinely enjoyable.The supportive community and energy at Fit Bella Vei create a sense of camaraderie, making each workout feel like a fun and social event! Living a Fit Beautiful Life begins with YOU!