Fit Bella Vei founder Carmen James understands the journey to true wellness. As the mother of a special needs daughter who passed away at the age of eight, Carmen’s personal transformation has inspired thousands to achieve their fitness goals. With her expertise in high demand, Carmen has appeared on WWMT Channel 3-Fitness Tips with Trainer Carmen James 2014-2020.

Fitness has always been a part of Carmen’s life. A college cheerleader who went on to coach the sport for eight years, Carmen realized her true passion for fitness and its many forms. Carmen’s Fit Bella Vei (Fit Beautiful Life) brand was established in 2012 to provide personal training, fitness classes, and meal planning/preparation. Carmen earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree with Concentrations in Human Behavior, Communication, and Diversity from Eastern Michigan University. She and her family currently reside in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she has powered successful fitness programs including Run This Town since 2014.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    ACE Certified Personal Trainer Carmen brings fitness expertise, coaching background, and effective communication for tailored programs at Fit Bella Vei.

  • BARRE Above certification (Savvier Fitness)

    Carmen, a certified BARRE Above instructor, offers specialized training at Fit Bella Vei. Her expertise guarantees successful outcomes and transformative fitness.


    Fit Bella Vei prioritizes safety, with CPR/AED certification from AHA, ensuring prompt and effective emergency response during training sessions.

  • YMCA Certified in Group Fitness 

    Fit Bella Vei maximizes its YMCA Group Fitness certification to deliver exceptional group fitness experiences, ensuring effective workouts and client satisfaction.

  • Zumba teacher License

    Utilizing a Zumba instructor guarantees dynamic and exhilarating workouts, promoting cardiovascular health, coordination, and overall well-being for an enjoyable fitness experience.

  • Yoga Teacher Instruction
    (200 hours)

    Learning yoga from Carmen offers transformative benefits: improved flexibility, strength, and mental well-being. Carmen's expertise ensures a rewarding yoga journey.

  • Certified Doula

    Training with a certified doula brings invaluable support, knowledge, and empowerment throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, ensuring a positive and informed birthing experience.

  • Credentials

    Bachelor's of Science Degree with Concentrations in Human Behavior, Communication, and Diversity.



    With Carmen as your guide, you'll experience unmatched motivation and transformation. She knows the importance of staying motivated for lasting results, providing unwavering support and contagious enthusiasm every step of the way.


    Consistency is key when training with Carmen. With her guidance, you'll develop a routine that fuels progress and success. By showing up consistently, you'll experience transformative results, building strength and confidence day by day.


    Hiring Carmen means gaining a committed, humble trainer who prioritizes your lasting results. She listens to your goals, customizes training sessions, and helps you establish sustainable habits. Carmen's dedication and compassion make her an invaluable partner on your fitness journey.